Inspecting your bathroom like a pro.

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Over the years, when you do inspections, you learn things training never covers. One of those things is knowing when to tell the handiwork of a good renovation team and the signs that you’re looking at a disaster in disguise. Let me tell you, the last place I had to inspect had all the signs of great work.


Now, you’re probably asking a few questions. One of these would be “How can you tell who did what?”


The answer is that I can’t answer that. It’s more of an instinctive thing than any solid science. You just get hunches and gut feelings, like “This was done by guys from ASReno.”


Incidentally, yes, that is an actual company. Yes, they do good work. You can see more here. Please consider it, because they make my job so much easier.


Anyway, let’s move on.


This last inspection I did was for a bathroom renovation. The owner wanted to make sure everything was right and within all the usual building codes and limits. She also wanted to ensure nothing was going to fall apart in the next ten years or so.


Now, when inspecting a bathroom, there are some key points you want to hit.


First, there’s the vanity basin. You’ll want to spot things like cracks, chipping, and scratches. These are hotspots for mould. I usually check how long it takes the hot water to get to the basin because it tells me if the pressure is good or bad. Cold tap water is good for checking out leaks.


For this one, everything was in working order.


Next is the bath. For a bath, you still need to look at cracks. Perimeter checks are necessary because you want to see if the walls and hob and sealant are all good. You want to look for any gaps, which could lead to water getting out. Checking the pressure using hot water is also a good move.


The pressure was a little low for the hot water, but the owner mentioned that was a problem that’s been going on in other homes in the area. I let it slide, but made a note of it.


If you’re looking at a shower instead, you still need to check the water. Yes, this is a recurring thing in a bathroom inspection. A shower also means checking the screen or door for cracks or damage, and seeing if the open-close mechanism is in working order.


The shower, oddly, had no pressure problems. I did tell her she might want to consider replacing the glass since it had hairline cracks.


The fourth area of interest is the toilet. I check for running water and poke around the cistern. If the latter isn’t connected to the pan properly, that means I dig into the plumbing to find possible leaks.


This one wasn’t a problem. The owner seemed surprised by that but didn’t say anything when I asked.


Finally, I poked around the vanity cabinet. The condition of the panels and doors are paramount because these are what get the most odds of moisture damage. Opening and closing them is standard, just to see if they work. Finally, the bench top should be free of damage.


Apart from a crack that the owner said was from someone dropping something heavy and sharp, I didn’t find anything wrong.


After a few questions, I figured out that most of the signs of damage were deliberately left untouched by her request. She didn’t explain. By the end of it, I knew who did the renovation work. They do a good job, those guys.


She was surprised when I was right.

Asbestos Checks for New Homes

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Home renovation can be one of the great ways to add value to your property – but there are many risks involved. Apart from the obvious OH&S hazards, like using dangerous equipment and working with electrics, home renovations come with a potentially lethal danger: asbestos exposure.

Asbestos, a naturally occurring fibrous mineral, became extremely popular among manufacturers and builders during the 1900s. Because of its unique properties, including tensile strength, fire resistance, and sound absorption, it became a cheap and easy way to solve many material design problems.

Unfortunately, asbestos has a less glamorous side… Those same fibers that work so well in many different applications can cause serious health problems. Breathing in asbestos fibers can cause asbestosis (scarring of the lung tissue), pleural disease, lung cancer and mesothelioma. It is thought that even a single asbestos fiber can potentially develop into a life-threatening disease.

Tragically, over the years, asbestos was used in anything from oven mitts and shoe soles to airport runways and cigarette filters – but the most common use of this dangerous mineral was inside our own homes.

If you think that asbestos is a problem of the past – think again. The shocking reality is that over two-thirds of houses today, including ALL of those built before 1984, will have had asbestos used during their construction. That means that, unless you’re living in a new-built or have had a comprehensive asbestos audit and removal done on your home in the past, chances are the stuff may surround you.

But don’t panic: asbestos-containing materials are safe as long as they are well maintained. That means that it’s only when damaged, by external factors such as wеаthеr соndіtіоnѕ оr human interference, thаt asbestos duѕt іѕ produced, rеlеаѕіng thе dаngеrоuѕ fіbеrѕ іntо the air.

It does have serious implications for any work you do on your home though – whether it’s simple maintenance or a more long-term renovation project.

Common areas where you’re likely to find asbestos in your home include:

  • Outer wall cladding
  • Ceiling and wall panels
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Vinyl sheet backing or underlay
  • Roof sheeting and cladding
  • Insulation to pipes
  • Electrical box linings and mounting boards
  • Ventilators, sewer vent & flue pipes
  • Support columns
  • Fences
  • Laminated panels
  • Adhesives & sealants


So what should you do if you live in a house built before 1990 and want to renovate? Hіrе аn аѕbеѕtоѕ еxреrt to соnduсt an аudіt оf уоur hоmе. Thеу wіll bе аblе tо іdеntіfу – аnd hеlр rеmоvе ѕаfеlу – аnу asbestos-containing mаtеrіаlѕ. NEVER attempt tо rеmоvе asbestos уоurѕеlf.



Renovating Your Bathroom for the Elderly

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Regular family homes and apartments rentals are not designed to meet the needs of seniors. Many older folks stay in housing with problems such as inaccessible entrances and stairs, unsafe kitchens, and unsafe bathrooms. These problems reduce independence, make daily tasks difficult, contribute to accidents, and set the seniors at risk of made ways to a more institutional setting.


Falls are the leading cause of death due to personal injury among the list of elderly. Simple tasks like going to the bathroom and bathing can become an everyday fear for the elderly, as slipping becomes more prevalent in older age. Bathing should not be a stress filled task for anyone, and there are many alterations that can be made to your bathroom to ensure your loved one is safe.


Among the least complicated modifications that can be designed to a bathroom is installing an increased bathroom seat. Seniors with limited mobility have trouble reducing and raising themselves on a regular toilet chair. Having a raised toilet couch, useful to them the arms bars for support while also possessing a bathroom seat that fits the requirements. Risers are created to specs, raising the chair between 2 and 6th inches in height.


A modification, that complements the raised toilet seat, is toilet safety rails or grab bars. Grab pubs can be installed close to bath tubs and nearby the toilet to aid in balance when sitting, position or stepping into the bathtub. Grab bars should be attached to the floor. It would be unsafe if, for occasion, anyone lost balance and grabbed onto a bath towel bar that could possibly rip from the wall membrane.


It is important to replace glass shower entry doors with shower curtains when modifying your bathrooms for an elderly person. Glass bathe doors are known to come out of their tracks, so just envision an elderly person comes and grabs on to the shower door. Not simply will it come away of the tracks, but you risk the a glass shattering and creating further injury.


It is very common for elderly people to trip on loose throw rugs when coming into or leaving the toilet. It’s not a good view if you ask me. Become proactive and strengthen loose rugs and other items on the floor of the restroom. Buy non-slip rugs that will stay in place and lower the risk of your adored one falling.


Effortlessly these simple steps, you can feel at peace as soon as your loved one excuses themselves to the bathroom. The addition of supportive features, including the raised bathroom seat, helps reduce the risk of falls, while also creating a setting that is conducive to having out daily tasks.

Building Inspections

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It is uncommon to see many houses in the developing countries especially in Africa to dilapidate after a few years from its construction, which consequently causes collapse. In fact, record has it that, 14.76% of houses in Africa collapse after 10years, compared to Europe’s 2.33%. While it is true that many factors which are arguably unprecedented and consequently uncontrollable are responsible for the collapse, it is still true that forecasting measures can be incorporated to prevent grossly this colossal loss of properties.

This forecasting measures include building inspections in developed countries like U.S, England, Italy, Dubai. The building inspection, amongst many other roles, makes sure a building either under construction or already constructed is safe and to a reasonable extent prevented against future shocks. Building inspection is an inspection performed by a building inspector or group of inspectors, (a) person(s) who is employed by either the country, state or township and is usually certified in one or more disciplines qualifying them to make professional judgment about whether a building meets up with building code requirements.

Some building inspection expertise like facade inspections are required by certain cities or countries and considered mandatory. These are to be carried out by engineers and not by contractors. An example of a city that adopted this law is “Quebec” followed by a ghastly incident that happened due to negligence of the state of a facade. These inspections are often included in a contracted building inspection but might not be carefully analyzed and diagnosed like an engineer would.

Most building inspections incorporated by governments are certified by the State or the International Code Council (ICC). These inspections are done to make sure compliance with whatever building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing or specialty codes, such as swimming pool codes, that are being mandated by the regimen in which they work. There are many categories and levels of ICC certified inspectors.

Building inspectors are oftentimes contacted by strata managers or body corporate with storm water design issues, structural design proposals or civil design modifications. In addition, individuals are often required by councils to carry out dilapidation reports and building inspections of adjoining properties and associated council properties both before and after construction, to establish that no damage has happened due to the work carried out.

Additional functions of a Building Inspector often include the assessing of existing structures which have been subjected to physical damage from earthquakes, wind events, floods and fire, as well as investigations involving non-permitted construction.

Consulting engineers constantly carry out structural building inspections for strata properties where there are structural elements of the building found to be not safe. Whether it is the balconies, balustrades or cracking due to penetration of water into the walls and foundation, consulting engineers provide building inspections of the property and make the appropriate assessment and provide dilapidation reports followed by proposals for preventive measures.


Testing your Home for Asbestos

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Asbestos assessment is generally recommended for each and every form of building. However, if you have a house that is older than a decade, testing for asbestos becomes critical. The reason is , earlier, asbestos was thoroughly used as a building material, as its hazardous effects weren’t known. Also now, asbestos used for heat and electrical padding is still widespread.


The most assured manner of asbestos testing is to acquire a sample and send it across to a government-authorized testing middle. Many do-it-yourself kits are sold for collecting the samples, too, require are an unnecessary expenditure. You are able to acquire a testing group yourself by using the following information. Or you can contact asbestosperthwa to do it for you especially when you are unsure.


Step you — Identifying The Potential Product Contamination

There are many types of asbestos contamination besides the usual suspects like tiled surfaces and used crawlspaces. Some commonly missed areas which may have a high probability of asbestos toxic contamination include rooms with comprehensive duct work, rooms made up of radiator and heating systems, and areas with traditional wiring circuits.


 2 — Getting Prepared for Mister

Prepare yourself with a face mask and plastic-type gloves. You shouldn’t carpet cleaner or brush your suspected area before testing for the insulation. Ideally, homeowners should be asked to settle away from the designated area no less than two days and nights before the testing. Usually turn-off the ventilation and heating or cooling kitchen appliances before collecting the test. Such appliances have the tendency to suck away the dust particles.


Pass on a new or rinsed plastic sheet on to the floor. Then simply, fill a spraying or misting bottle with drinking water.


Step 3 — Mistthe Area

Spray the area repeatedly, ensuring that the mist is dispelled in every part of the room. The occurrence of moisture in the air ensures that the dust is no for a longer time suspended and it commences to settle on the plastic sheet. Using the scissors, cut out a tiny section of the plastic-type material sheet. This is your testing sample.


Step 4 — Place Sample in a Bag

Place this sample in a plastic material bag and label it with your ID quantity and the date and moments of collecting the sample.


Step five — Send the Test

Finally, Send the sample to an EPA-accredited, asbestos-testing lab. You should steer clear of the area until you have your results. If the results come back positive, you can get a cost-estimate for removal.

All you need to know about the Building Inspection procedure in WA

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To know the exact condition of the property before buying not only helps in avoiding any future mishaps but also cut down the extra costs significantly. The ideal way of approaching this is to get a thorough property inspection or building inspection done by a renowned service provider.

Why building inspection is essential

The reasons can be summed up as-

  • To know any kind of problem in advance
  • So as to assess the correct property price after factoring in the costs of repair etc
  • To be able to get timely specialist advice about any major problems that can affect the property

What all is included in the building inspection

A qualified and licensed building inspection service provider such as futureshocksound.co.uk makes sure to inspect all the accessible parts of the property including-

  • The interior and exterior of the building
  • Complete roof and under-floor space
  • Roof exterior

What are the major checks done in building inspection?

  • Any visible signs of asbestos problems
  • Proper functioning and operable smoke alarms
  • The functioning of the operable electrical safety switches
  • Checking for any kind of shocking sounds from the home

Use of the building inspection

  • The primary purpose of the building inspection is to give an expert’s view of the condition of the property that someone is interested in buying.
  • The building inspection is carried out specifically to assess the condition of the house and provide information of home buyers.

It is essential to hire a professional firm to do the building inspection as they make sure that the format and content of the inspection report comply with the Australian Standard.

Why is Asbestos check essential for new homes?

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One of the major concerns for the new homeowners is about the safety of their property and getting their property checked for any major issues such as Asbestos. Asbestos is more likely to be present in the older building and constructions.

Why is the asbestos checking essential?

Asbestos is hazardous in nature and poses the severe health risk to people and workers who are exposed to it in its solid and pulverized form for long & extended periods.

When the asbestos containing material is disturbed, the asbestos fibers are released into the air and inhaled by the workers and residents. This generally happens when the asbestos containing material gets disturbed during home renovation projects where drilling, cutting and various other actions cause the asbestos containing material to break or crumble.

This makes it essential to get the new homes tested for asbestos to ensure better safety.

Health hazards of Asbestos

Asbestos testing is of paramount importance due to the several health risks it poses when the asbestos fibers are breathed in. The harmful effects include-

  • Asbestos fibers when inhaled reach the lung tissue and can result in inflammation, scarring and more serious asbestos related diseases.
  • Exposure to asbestos may cause a range of other diseases including Asbestosis, Lung cancer, Mesothelioma etc
  • Extended exposure to asbestos can also increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

Considering the dangerous effects of Asbestos, it is important to protect yourself and your loved one by getting the asbestos testing done by the experts such as futureshocksound.co.uk to identify the presence of asbestos so that the necessary precautionary measures can be taken.