Renovating Your Bathroom for the Elderly

Renovating Your Bathroom for the Elderly

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Regular family homes and apartments rentals are not designed to meet the needs of seniors. Many older folks stay in housing with problems such as inaccessible entrances and stairs, unsafe kitchens, and unsafe bathrooms. These problems reduce independence, make daily tasks difficult, contribute to accidents, and set the seniors at risk of made ways to a more institutional setting.


Falls are the leading cause of death due to personal injury among the list of elderly. Simple tasks like going to the bathroom and bathing can become an everyday fear for the elderly, as slipping becomes more prevalent in older age. Bathing should not be a stress filled task for anyone, and there are many alterations that can be made to your bathroom to ensure your loved one is safe.


Among the least complicated modifications that can be designed to a bathroom is installing an increased bathroom seat. Seniors with limited mobility have trouble reducing and raising themselves on a regular toilet chair. Having a raised toilet couch, useful to them the arms bars for support while also possessing a bathroom seat that fits the requirements. Risers are created to specs, raising the chair between 2 and 6th inches in height.


A modification, that complements the raised toilet seat, is toilet safety rails or grab bars. Grab pubs can be installed close to bath tubs and nearby the toilet to aid in balance when sitting, position or stepping into the bathtub. Grab bars should be attached to the floor. It would be unsafe if, for occasion, anyone lost balance and grabbed onto a bath towel bar that could possibly rip from the wall membrane.


It is important to replace glass shower entry doors with shower curtains when modifying your bathrooms for an elderly person. Glass bathe doors are known to come out of their tracks, so just envision an elderly person comes and grabs on to the shower door. Not simply will it come away of the tracks, but you risk the a glass shattering and creating further injury.


It is very common for elderly people to trip on loose throw rugs when coming into or leaving the toilet. It’s not a good view if you ask me. Become proactive and strengthen loose rugs and other items on the floor of the restroom. Buy non-slip rugs that will stay in place and lower the risk of your adored one falling.


Effortlessly these simple steps, you can feel at peace as soon as your loved one excuses themselves to the bathroom. The addition of supportive features, including the raised bathroom seat, helps reduce the risk of falls, while also creating a setting that is conducive to having out daily tasks.