All you need to know about the Building Inspection procedure in WA

All you need to know about the Building Inspection procedure in WA

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To know the exact condition of the property before buying not only helps in avoiding any future mishaps but also cut down the extra costs significantly. The ideal way of approaching this is to get a thorough property inspection or building inspection done by a renowned service provider.

Why building inspection is essential

The reasons can be summed up as-

  • To know any kind of problem in advance
  • So as to assess the correct property price after factoring in the costs of repair etc
  • To be able to get timely specialist advice about any major problems that can affect the property

What all is included in the building inspection

A qualified and licensed building inspection service provider such as makes sure to inspect all the accessible parts of the property including-

  • The interior and exterior of the building
  • Complete roof and under-floor space
  • Roof exterior

What are the major checks done in building inspection?

  • Any visible signs of asbestos problems
  • Proper functioning and operable smoke alarms
  • The functioning of the operable electrical safety switches
  • Checking for any kind of shocking sounds from the home

Use of the building inspection

  • The primary purpose of the building inspection is to give an expert’s view of the condition of the property that someone is interested in buying.
  • The building inspection is carried out specifically to assess the condition of the house and provide information of home buyers.

It is essential to hire a professional firm to do the building inspection as they make sure that the format and content of the inspection report comply with the Australian Standard.